Wednesday, 14 March 2007

A Twitter-er? Why, of course!

Don’t know about you, but the past 2 days has been agonizing : internet connection-wise. Connecting into the latest obsession of mine – Twitter – has proved to be a real tortoise-slow torture!

Just what is Twitter? Introduced to me by good friend Praveen (internet guru), he offered his opinion on this service launched officially in the US half a year ago but the idea actually took life about a year ago (13 Mar),“It’s a great tool to update your daily happenings and have it broadcast to your circle of friends”, to which I quipped, “But we have blogs to do that!” Almost rolling my eyes. “Yes. But Tsu Lin, wouldn’t it be nice to know (while you’re on the go) what your friends are also doing with live updates to your mobile (or your chosen mode of device)? ie Praveen is diving off the Great Barrier Reef”. Hmmm.. to convince me, I decided to put it to test.

7,000 miles and 1 week later, I find myself registering into Twitter’s mobile phone notification service. As this service is based in the UK, I’m only charged a local rate when I send my twitter updates onto the site. Pretty nifty! Praveen has his registered back in KL and he’s being charged the standard international charge. No other hidden costs of using this service, which is an ultimate PLUS!

So far, I'm hooked!

But wouldn’t it be great if a local solution were to be offered instead? According to Praveen, there would be a local solution coming up soon by the people of RapidStuff. Of course, all is still hush-hush about this project, but do “standby for an alternative which will be a whole lot more fun!”

Even the name is pretty original.

Reference : Twitter blog

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