Sunday, 12 March 2006

Busy Busy...

It feels good to be back at work. Now after 3 weeks of working, and weekends spent going around looking at venues (I have seen at least 9 places so far).. I am only looking forward to the next holiday. When M comes over to visit in April, I would take a few days off work to spend some time with him,.. and also to sort out all the wedding stuff: Rings, photography and everything else.

Yesterday, (without consulting M) I made a deposit with a photography studio for our wedding photography session. I took the most basic package (it was a good deal on promotion) consisting of like 42 poses, x-amt of dresses, blabla.. When I told M about it, he didn't put up a resistance (hehe). I hope he'll be able to stand the heat, and torture of the actual outdoor photography come April. And pray that I am using the right photography studio for this very important photo session.

Will probably only make 1 dress. One that is designed by Yen, with some inputs from me actually. (Thanks Yen!) Looking for a tailor is such a challenge.. hopefully I'll find one that will be able to transform the design into a spectacular piece of dress!

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