Friday, 20 January 2006

You know I am...

.. a Malaysian when I heat up my cooked salmon (cold, from the fridge) for lunch.

("Ready to eat" Salmon slices from Marks & Spencer)

M bought this salmon from M&S because he thought i'd like it. I had it for lunch today. Just that, instead of taking the "Ready to eat" too literally, I had to make sure that my salmon is "cooked" (warmed up). I heat up the pan and pan-fried it. I'm so Malaysian, I tell you. Lucky I didn't have chilli around me or else I'd cut them up and pour soya sauce over it and dip my salmon into it.

I realised that I will never be able to enjoy cold Western food.. like how they are meant to be. Cold sandwiches? Pfffft!Not in M'sia. When I was in-charge of the food service of the company, all our sandwiches were served in chillers (4┬║- 6┬║Celcius): Most customers come in, grab the sandwiches and stuck it into the microwave and press 10secs. We like our food hot/warm/piping hot. (My food service manager cringes whenever someone eats a warm meat-sandwich) Haha!

I am so Malaysian, I tell you.

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