Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Year of the Dog!

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Chinese New Year is around the corner! I love this time of year, no... not because of ang-pows (red packets filled with money), but I simply love the atmosphere.

Dog 2006
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Relatives will converge together in our house. My close relatives live in HK, Taipei & KL. And as my dad is the eldest in the family, everyone comes together at our place . We would have reunion dinner on the night before the first day of CNY, just like most traditional Chinese families would do. Grandma would cook her specialty- Hainanese Chicken.. and we'd have a great time catching up.

year of the dog
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When I was younger, (and before they outlaw the playing of fireworks in the M'sian households) my siblings, my cousins and I will be out infront of our yard to lit up fireworks. I love it!!

[year of the dog]
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Around midnight, the whole neighbourhood would be roaring with the noise of the fireworks. I ABSOLUTELY love this.. !! Hahahahaha.. I know most people detest it and find it an intrusion. Not me. I find it gives a sense of "festivity". Ahh.. But of course, it should not last for too long, they should stop after 10mins after midnight, and for the first and last 2 days, hmm...

I'd be back to M'sia for CNY this year. Can't wait!

ps: Aren't those dog-decorations cute? Some of them do look a little like cats though..


mooiness said...

Yes yes yes you definitely need to "go home" to get the whole CNY mood.

I wanna say I'm envious but I just came back from a great holiday so I can't complain. :)

Jay said...

That's the problem with living overseas - well, one of them anyway - you totally forget about CNY. So when is it?

Luckily my family banks in my ang pow money, so I always have cash back home!

*sooyin* said...

hey hey! when will you be back?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Mooiness: Yup, and thanks for flaunting to us your day-by-day acct of the food too! :P

Jay: 1st Day of CNY falls on 29th Jan. Looks like your acct is constantly being fed, very healthy. Hmm.. good idea. Last yr i did not go back and some of my ang-pows got "mysteriously" mis-placed by my ang-pow keepers (my siblings).

*Pinks*: 2 days before reunion dinner! Catch up with u and the gang then!

Alan said...

Just got back from Phils... Happy 2006! As you'll be away, have a safe trip then.


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