Monday, 23 January 2006

The Story of the Pink Elephant...

.. hand-delivered all the way from Thailand/KL.

A big thanks to the bunch for this. They got me a Jim Thompson silk elephant soft toy. JT is a reknowned American-Thai, and till today, the brandname under JT is well-known for the quality of their product - their thai silk shirts and clothes are lovely! Even their plain cotton shirts are wonderful too. Pink elephants remind me of my childhood. When I was young, I used to go for music lessons (YUCKS! I hate going for organ/piano classes) at Yamaha, and we have music books with pictures in it.. and I would used to colour the pictures. There is one page, it must be a song about some elephants.. (hehe), and I asked my mom what colour should i colour an elephant? She said, "Let's try pink!". From then till I was 16, I always thought there were elephants in pink. When i found out otherwise, i was crushed! -_-" My mom.. she hasn't been teaching me the right things. (Or maybe she was just trying to cultivate some creativity in me? Doesn't seem to work though)

So, anyway, pink elephants bring luck.



Jay said...

Ever used pink elephants to cool your drinks? You know, the plastic liquid-filled ones that you freeze, then pop into beverages in place of ice.

They're uh, cool.

CHER-RY said...

wahhh your pink elephant is so CUN!!!! Prollie pink elephants only exist when they are suffering from albino. :P


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