Wednesday, 21 December 2005

Things that make my blood boil.

1) Defensive & Offensive (job) interviewer(s).

Recently, I went for an interview as a Snr Allocator.
The interviewer (Yes, ONE interviewer!) was good in her questions but she needs to be less defensive and offensive. By offensive, I mean, she kept cutting me off mid-sentence! Anyway, looking through their financial performance, i am absolutely shocked that their majority shareholder is still keeping this company. They posted a loss of £0.4M last year, which is AN IMPROVEMENT form the previous years. I know improvements are always good. But they need to really have a paradigm shift in the way they do business.
My impression of what they are doing now is, (this is what i gather from the interviewer) that they are still dictated by suppliers. Recently there was an article on the papers (Metro) highlighting that consumers are not too happy about buying their furniture and only getting them delivered in average of 42 days. That translates to 6 weeks. And from my research on their website, this company has an average delivery lead of 8 weeks, and they sometime even go as long as 13 weeks! And when i pose this question to the interviewer, she said they're still working closely with suppliers to improve this. Still, I’m not at all convinced that they are willing to work outside their comfort zone. They better be prepared when the cheese have been moved!

2) I will not even try to justify this piece of article with an opinion!!

“CONVICTED CRIMINALS COULD soon be sent to the front of the queue at Jobcentres in a drive to stop them re-offending.

The ex-cons, who fall into the 'hardest to help' category alongside single parents and people with disabilities, will then be given priority in finding work.”

“The Government insists the system would not favour a particular type of job-seeker but would 'recognise the barriers offenders face to get a job'.”

ONLY IN THE UK!! I say. I sighed.

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