Friday, 9 December 2005

Starry starry night....

After gym yesterday evening, I had to stop by the nearby M&S to pick up some food (and to wait for M). They have started to lit up the trees in More London Place. Glittery-bling-blings make me happy! So I decided to stop to snap some photos (with my cameraphone, mind you)..
The results do not do justice to the awe of the place. And it was actually a crescent moon last night but the photo came out a full moon. Well, it is afterall a cameraphone.

90ยบ to the left, this is what i see. Nice 6 More London Place (walls painted in red on the left) and the restaurant/bars on the right carefully (but shamefully) framed the not-very-distant Tower Bridge. Nearby is the (London) Major's office, a unique landmark by itself.

The Christmas atmosphere in London is awesome!

1 comment:

Alan said...

O yes, the modern architectures. I always like the modern water features of the place! Cool!


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