Tuesday, 13 December 2005


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Another interview came and gone. Days before this, I spent most of my time reading up on the furnishing sector, Mkt analysts’ reports and the Furniture Retailing business. All these in anticipation of the big day.
So, looking back, what went wrong? Obviously, I am not very happy with the outcome. And judging from my luck these days, I am least optimistic about securing a job anytime soon.
It’s a depressing situation. I have not taken this long looking for work. Was it simpler back in the days when I just graduated? Not at all. Was I more well prepared then? Don’t think so. So, what gives? Surely having experience working in the Energy Industry previously must have helped right? So why am I going backward instead?
I have heard many stories about people having a difficult time looking for jobs. Now I have first hand experience. And it is not exactly something you can put at the back of your mind and only take it out when you want. If I have a family depending on me, I would have starved them ages ago! So anyway, I never believed (before this) that it is THAT depressing. When people tell me about this getting a job situation, I have always rationalized that you just need to put more effort into it. Stop moping and get the job done. Yes, that is until I am faced with this myself.

So, back to my question: So what gives?
1. Out of touch. After so long being in a limbo and adding to the fact that I have very little social contact with people in the industry (any industries). I have somewhat lost that zest, and the ability to grasp and articulate my thoughts in business sense.
2. Inferior complex. British accent makes me feel inferior. I cannot comprehend this complexity.
3. Half hearted effort. Really? Well, so I did read all the market reports, the company profile. But did I really put myself to understand it? I tried, but I didn’t try enough, probably.

Stuck in a rut
Often, situation like this would spiral out of control and if I don’t get a grip on myself soon enough, I would spiral into oblivion and get myself hurt in the process.

Time to get the whip out and start whipping!!
Moving here without a job can be quite a worry, not because I need the money, but because I need to feel useful, I need to feel BUSY. But I never stopped asking (praying) for a passionate job!
I need a financial and personal breakthrough soon. I anxiously need a revelation on where I should go with my career..

Meanwhile, let this remind me why I am here:
Makes all things possible..
Makes all things work..
Makes all things beautiful.


Alan said...

I remember this favourite quote of mine from the late optimist Buscaglia:

"As long as you learn, as long as you're willing to take your life and let it go from there, then there is hope. Then there is life."

Tsu Lin + + said...

Wise words indeed from Buscaglia.


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