Thursday, 15 December 2005

Eye in the Sky


Those who work usually wait longingly for the arrival of Friday, because it's nearer to the weekend. Weekends are for relaxation.

But to me.. It's time to get out and about.

This is what i did last weekend.

London Underground was having a promotion -"Everyone's London" (link available here and one of their attractions was for the British Airway's London Eye. Ticket prices were a steal @ 2 for 1 (adult tickets)prices, which is exclusive to Oyster Card holders.

** Editted**

I have always wanted to go visit this overrated, expensive tourist trap lovely architectural landmark of London.. so it was well worth it! We even get conned managed to browse through their strategically placed souvenir counter and bought ourselves a personalised gift- £10 for a medium-sized photo and 1 keychain and 1 fridge magnet!

Also.. it's a THURSDAY! One more day before the weekend starts!


Alan said...

Breathtaking pix! At the first thought, it was somehow cool to ride the London Eye. But yeah, I agree it's boring once you're in it, enduring the ride. If not for the sights.... I remember my team at work organising a champagnne reception at London Eye. That made the ride a bit - bubbly!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Hi there Alan,

No, infact i do enjoy the 45min-60mins ride on the Eye! (You prob mistook my slight sarcasm as criticsm/hatred) The views were smashing, although it was slightly misty in the morning.

Ah, that sounds nice, having champagne receptions at the London Eye. Lovely!


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