Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Dinners @ M's!

Now, just because we cook dinner every night doesn't mean our dinners have to be boring, does it?

One good thing that came out of the situation in the last post, is of course my improvement in whipping out dishes and them tasting good!

Last week, I managed to grab some (grocery) shopping after the photography session. Part of my shopping included some scallops. They do stock some pretty good-looking scallops at M&S.

During the weekend, I decided to cook them using the absolutely DELICIOUS sauce* that M's mom brought over during their last visit. This is an excellent sauce and hey, it makes cooking so much more delightful! (Of course it is. Wonderful for people like me!)

I let the picture speaks for itself... with instructions and all.

And yes, you should add some garnish to the dish. I couldn't find any in my kitchen.. so had to do without!
(Look! You're drooling on your keyboard!)

*absolutely DELICIOUS sauce= Nyonya-sauce-in-a-bottle by Gimson

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