Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Christmas Shopping On Oxford St.

** Dusting of snow **

No, not even some dusting of snow will deter determined shoppers! This morning's light snowing has caused some mild excitement in me (as i normally do not like snow), with the result of me sticking my tongue out hoping a small snowflake will land at the tip of the tongue. Alas, I still have not tasted snow!

The chip-pea couple experienced more snow than we do at London, whiter than white! Isn't it lovely? Happy Christmas to you, chip-peas!

London: The shopping experience

Christmas Shopping On Oxford St.
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Look at what we need to brave on Boxing Day and the day after!! The crowd, the crowd!
Elbow to elbow, every shop, every street. Unbelieavable Christmas in London. It's the sale again.

I did not see this but that would be interesting.

Some antics of non-shoppers:

Buy_Nothing_Day_Xmess 05073
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Buy_Nothing_Day_Xmess 05057
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