Friday, 18 November 2005

Looking back - A year ago.

Having not worked for almost a year certainly is not something that I like getting used to. And sometimes I do become a tad melancholy looking back at life when I am more financially independent. And of course, working so close to Suria KLCC, I am obviously innocently exposed to the 6 times a year sale in Malaysia. And how much has Tsu Lin contributed (in personal finances) to the Malaysian economy? Well.. apart from tax, it’s all in the shopping! When I moved from my Project Management job into my last position, a Marketing role doing mostly analytical, category managing and merchandising, I also got :-

1) A place nearer to the cafĂ© bar, the company’s break-out area. This is a “happening” floor and you can pick up one or two hot topics here. Or, if you’re really lucky! You get roped into many “interesting” conversations.. just by “being in the vicinity”. It gets abit too distracting at times, so sometimes I would hot-desk at one of our discussion rooms to get some peace and quiet. ^_^

2) A desk with a view! Well, the view is pretty amazing, having the luxury of overlooking KLCC’s park, its fountain area with the lush surrounding green lung. Yup. Sometimes when I do work late, I take a break by swiveling my chair around to take in the fantastic view below. Usually at 5.30pm, they would’ve turned on the fountain and lights and from above, the view is just stunning. It beats the old view – looking at the crawl along Jalan Ampang, and beyond!

(View from my desk, circa 2003)

3) Nearer to the ladies. Well.. what can I say? I’m a person who likes the shortest (walking) distance to anywhere.. so, if I can save 28steps from walking to the loo (No, I never counted. I’m just saying), that is so much better. Hey, the saved calories can be better utilized doing REAL work.. like thinking (Yes)

4) Further away from my boss.. Infact, he’s not even in the same building! Whoohoo. No, but I have a great relationship with my boss- LY, my much-respected mentor in Merchandising. LY is based in Singapore and we’d often catch up with work by keeping in close contact via teleconference, or by the frequent meet-up required by the job. So traveling is also quite often for me. Although not as often as was in my first role. But not that I’m complaining.

5) To work with suppliers and vendors of the FMCG industries.. some of whom I still keep in contact.

6) The chance meeting with the love of my life.

And from there, starts a new life here.

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