Tuesday, 22 November 2005

I conquered Tumblebugs!

(Screen capture of my victory!)

23:02 HURRAH!

Finally, tonight after an exhilarating 3 hours sitting infront of the lappy ..and about the 19,898th time playing Level 12, I managed to finish all sub-levels. There are, as usual 8 sub-levels in each levels of Tumblebugs. So, after a most exciting time at 12-7 (which reduced my life from 5 to 2), I maintained my calm till the end. Thanks to CG who introduced this to me, I've been playing this game for the past 3 months.. trying to reach the end.

Tumblebugs, like Zuma and Luxor, is a puzzle game shooting coloured beatles at the line to make matches at the "advancing line of colored balls”. This frees the bugs being captured by the Evil Black Bugs who want to take them to their lair and make them slaves.

This is satisfying indeed!

Hmm... .. (Yes, life of an unemployed surely borders boredom, no?)Next please!

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