Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Home and my favourite things..

Random shots of home. I love using Picasa2. After learning about Picasa2 from Mooiness! (I read this blog occasionally), I decided to upload install it and boy, isn't this addictive?! Spent the whole of yesterday editing photos and exploring the features of Picasa. The Picasa flickr group was most helpful. I learnt how to do a few collages trick from there. More collages can be found in my flickr album

Another collage of my favourite things. I made the image of myself using Yahoo Avatar (after seeing MVO did one of herself). I wonder if it looks like me indeed?

I hate this template which doesn't allow me to edit my posts very easily. I seem to need to use HTML coding instead, even for paragraphing and re-alignment of the pictures. Argh!

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