Wednesday, 12 October 2005

"By the power of grayskull, I've got the power!"

Why so gay?
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So says He-Man. But wait, according to a recent documentary on cartoons - "100 most interesting cartoons" (or some title to that effect) which i sat down to watch for some 10 mins last weekend, it was disclosed that He-Man was gay-ish. Yes, gay. The character with shoulder-length blonde hair, hunk body with metal belts and one of the most watched (and loved) cartoons for the boys (and some girls) in the 80's is revealed as being gay. Not so comforting knowing we grew up in this era, huh?

So, now you know! And to those of you who laughed at me because I don't watch much cartoons when i was young (Sure, there were the occasional Smurfs and Road Runner to keep my dinnertime occupied, but it's really kept to a minimum -the cartoons, i mean, not the dinner.).. There you go, so i do know something about cartoons. And in keeping to the good natured moral of cartoons, I hereby dedicate this post to you (WS), you and you.

Just a little *pointless* trivia that I thought I'd share with you. Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

I love He-Man. He-Man's HOT!

I just found out that they have come out with the DVD. Going to rent it.


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